Verdicts & Settlements

$157,000.00. Disputed slip and fall against Homeowner.

$28,000,000.00 verdict. Denied Liability. For our client, a minor, injured jumping out of pickup truck. Defendant insurance offered $0 and claimed our client was at fault. Client suffered paraplegic injuries.

$8,000,000.00 verdict. Denied Liability. Painter directed to paint a new building electrocuted resulting in serious injuries.

$2,300,000.00 verdict. Denied Liability. Pastor allowed felon to be placed in charge of Sunday school program resulting in sexual molestation of a child.

$875,000.00 settlement. Disputed Liability.  Tractor-Trailer versus Car.

$2,350,000.00 collective settlement. Tractor-Trailer versus Car. Disputed medical treatment. For the victims that suffered mostly soft-tissue injuries.

$1,395,000.00 settlement for the victim of a fall that resulted in a fracture of her right hip due to an unmarked step and lack of handrail on the property.

$400,000.00 settlement for the victim of a trip and fall on carpeting at a department store which resulted in back injury.

$1,900,000.00 settlement. Disputed Damages. For the family due to a wrongful death involving of a tractor-trailer.