Important steps for you to take following a bus accident

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You probably feel safe taking a bus ride, whether you depend on city transportation to get around or are part of a group riding a motor coach to a special destination.

Unfortunately, situations develop that no one could have foreseen. How would you react following an accident? Here are some important steps to take if you are ever involved in a bus crash.

Assess injuries

The first order of business is to assess your own injuries, then check the passengers around you. First responders must direct their initial efforts to the people who appear to be the most critically injured. Even if you feel fine, except for your jangled nerves, you should make an appointment with a doctor for a medical evaluation soon after the accident. Keep in mind that a physician’s report that ties your injuries to the bus crash will be important in any ensuing legal case.

Gather information

Write down the number of the bus as well as the license plate number. Get contact information for the bus driver, the bus company and any passengers who are willing to be counted as witnesses to the accident. Record anything you can remember about the crash, including events that occurred before and after the incident.

Take pictures

If you are carrying a cell phone, use it to take pictures of the crash scene, the area of the bus where you were seated, the damage to the bus and other vehicles involved in the accident.

Maintain records

Keep records of your medical visits and the related expenses. Include lost wages, if applicable, and any property damage you might have had; for example, your laptop, which might have crashed to the floor upon impact.

Pass information along

A personal injury attorney will tell you that filing a suit against a large entity, such as a bus company, can be a complex endeavor; there will likely be multiple parties named in the matter. Any details and photos you can provide pertaining to the crash will be very helpful to your attorney in seeking a fair settlement not only for any injuries you sustained, but also for any other expenses, including your lost wages.