Statistics on motorcycle safety that everyone should know

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When it comes to being a motorcycle enthusiast, there’s no doubt that the level of joy you experience — on a weekly or daily basis when piloting your bike — is worth every penny you spent on your bike. Nevertheless, you need to stay safe and take serious precautions to ensure that you don’t end up getting hurt in a motorcycle crash.

As the following statistics make clear, the risk of injury and death that motorcyclists take on is staggering:

  • The annual death statistic for motorcyclists and passengers in 2015 was 4,976. Nearly 5,000 people died as a result of motorcycle crashes that year. This represents a considerable increase in motorcycle deaths by 3 percent compared to 2006. This increase is probably the result of an 8 percent increase in motorcycle ridership over the same period of time.
  • Motorcycles account for 3 percent of registered vehicles, but they only account for .7 percent of the traffic on the road. However, in 2014, they accounted for 14 percent of roadway fatalities, 17 percent of passenger fatalities and 4 percent of passenger injuries.
  • In 2014, almost 33 percent people who died as a result of a motorcycle crash were impaired by alcohol. In 2015, speeding played a role in 30 percent of motorcycle accidents.

As you can see by the above statistics, the dangers are real for California motorcyclists. However, by simply following the rules of the road — for example, by avoiding alcohol and driving over the speed limit — numerous lives could be saved and countless injuries prevented. If you were hurt, or if your loved one was killed, in a motorcycle collision be sure to investigate the law as it applies to your injuries and your ability to pursue financial compensation in court.

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