Innovations designed to keep motorcycle riders safer

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As a motorcycle rider, you must always keep safety in mind because whenever you are on your bike, you are vulnerable and apt to be the victim if an accident occurs.

The good news is that designers and manufacturers continue to come out with innovative products that can help prevent accidents or reduce the risk of injuries if you are in a motorcycle crash. Here are five to consider.

1. Helmet features

The next time you buy a helmet, be sure to choose the kind that has the approval seal of the Department of Transportation. In addition, look for a helmet with a GPS system. You may also choose one equipped with a built-in camera that provides you with a rear view.

2. Connected gloves

You can now buy gloves that come with Bluetooth connectivity. Simply by touching a particular spot on the glove, you can control your GPS functions as well as your smartphone. However, you should not do this while your bike is in motion.

3. Airbags to wear

Just as vehicles have airbags, now these safety devices are available in motorcycle vests and jackets. Built-in sensors detect the moment of impact in a collision. At that moment, the airbag will deploy to protect your chest and vital organs.

4. Motorcycle considerations

Some manufacturers are reducing the horsepower on motorcycles, which is an especially good idea for the young or novice rider. If you go motorcycle shopping, ask about bikes with antilock brake systems. You may also be interested to know that stability control systems are available, a welcome feature when you are navigating a sharp curve in the highway.

5. The three-wheeler

Motorcycle sales have increased steadily since 1991, and many riders today are senior citizens. This is an age group that has embraced the three-wheeled motorcycle design that provides more balance and stability than traditional two-wheeled models. Nevertheless, no matter which type of motorcycle you have, always keep safety uppermost in your mind and look for some of the current safety innovations that are currently on the market.