Man arrested after deadly hit-and-run

On Behalf of | May 2, 2018 | car accidents |

A woman was killed while jogging in California, and the driver originally fled the scene. However, he later came forward and turned himself in to the police.

The woman reportedly ran every single day, usually around noon. She often crossed through the intersection at Grasslands Drive and West El Camino Avenue. She was in familiar territory, running a route she had navigated safely countless times before.

On that day, though, a man in a white pickup truck hit her and sped off. Cameras did catch footage of that truck, which the police then made public. After they did it, the man who had been driving turned himself in. He is 22 years old; the woman he hit was 47 years old.

That woman’s parents said that dealing with her death was traumatic, almost “like dying, yourself.” They were also not pleased that the driver took around 48 hours to come forward. They said he just left her lying near the road, the way someone may leave a “wounded animal.” The woman’s father said he looked forward to addressing the young man in court.

The woman was a welder who had actually worked on home improvement shows, and she had a Kineseology degree. She was still in school, working toward a Mechatronics degree. Reports claim that she owned three dogs.

Hit-and-run accidents are something no one thinks will happen to them, but they are far more common than many people realize and they can change many lives in a split second. Those who are injured or who lose loved ones need to know all of their legal rights.

Source: CBS, “Suspect In Hit-And-Run Crash That Killed Jogger Turns Himself In,” April 26, 2018