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3 of the most common injuries in motorcycle crashes

You love the feeling of freedom that only motorcycle riding can provide, but there is an element of danger and the prospect of injuries. As a motorcycle operator, you are aware of your vulnerability as compared to motorists who have the protection of the steel framework of their vehicles. 

Are higher speed limits actually safe?

Commuters often cheer when they see that speed limits have been increased on the roads they use most often, but should they be thrilled that they can legally drive a bit faster? Or should they be concerned that the higher speed limits are putting them and everyone else in serious danger?

Who is responsible after a cargo shift accident?

One of the greatest dangers with semitrucks is a cargo shift while on the road. This can cause a truck to jackknife, lose control or roll over. An accident of this magnitude can impact numerous vehicles in the travel lanes around the semi, leading to injuries and even fatalities. Usually, these shifts happen because cargo is not properly loaded, not properly secured or not properly tied down.

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