3 of the most common injuries in motorcycle crashes

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You love the feeling of freedom that only motorcycle riding can provide, but there is an element of danger and the prospect of injuries. As a motorcycle operator, you are aware of your vulnerability as compared to motorists who have the protection of the steel framework of their vehicles.

Even though you remain alert and pay attention to what is going on around you, accidents will happen. Although it is small consolation, a car-motorcycle crash may not be your fault. Drivers often say they simply did not see the motorcycle, but that is hardly an excuse for the injuries you may suffer. Here are three common types of injuries that result from motorcycle crashes.

1. Road rash

Road rash is abrasion to the skin, and the condition may be mild or severe. It is the damage that occurs due to friction between your skin and the road, which often happens in a fall or as the result of a crash if you are not wearing sufficient protective clothing. In the case of severe road rash, which requires immediate medical attention, all the layers of the skin scrape away, exposing the underlying fat, tissue, muscles and bones.

2. Broken bones

A heavy motorcycle will fall over during a crash, pinning the leg or foot of the rider underneath. Broken legs and ankles are therefore common injuries in a motorcycle accident, as are broken wrists, since it is instinctive to put your hand out to break a fall.

3. Serious head injuries

Statistics show that head injuries resulting from motorcycle crashes are the leading cause of death among riders. Traumatic brain injuries are common and may result in lifelong disability. However, according to the United States Department of Transportation, motorcycle fatalities can be reduced by as much as 35 percent if riders wear helmets.