Minor signs that a dog is about to bite

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You know that an angry, growling dog that keeps snapping at you is highly likely to bite. While dogs do this just to intimidate you in some cases, there is a good chance they will actually attack if pressed.

But what about more minor signs? Many people get bitten without even realizing that anything is wrong. This is especially an issue for kids, who may not think that a dog feels stressed out or threatened. What should you look for?

First off, a dog that is standing stiffly, with a “rigid posture” is a dog that is nervous and tense. The dog may raise its tail and ears at the same time. It is gathering itself in case it has to bite. If the dog does not look loose and relaxed, be concerned.

Along with raising the ears and tail, the dog’s fur itself may stand up. Dogs sometimes try to puff themselves up to look larger than they are when they feel threatened.

Now, the dog may not stay rigid. It may cower, hunching its body down, and tuck its tail up under itself. The dog is attempting to be smaller and more submissive. If it still feels threatened, though, it may bite. The dog could see you as a threat.

You also want to watch out for dogs that keep yawning and licking their lips. Both of these activities can signal stress for dogs, even though humans do not share this body language and may not recognize it.

If you do suffer injuries when a bog bites, be sure you know how to seek compensation for your medical bills.