Motorcycle and SUV collide, injuring 4 people

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2018 | motorcycle accidents |

A motorcycle and an SUV crashed into each other in California, and the impact was bad enough that all four people involved in the crash suffered injuries.

The wreck reportedly happened on Tuesday, July 31, at around 10:55 in the morning. It took place on Interstate 5, in the southbound lanes. The make and model of the motorcycle were not released, but the SUV was a black Lexus.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department responded to the incident and sent paramedics to the site. Those paramedics, upon seeing just how bad it was, then called for an “advanced life support” squad.

The Fire Department Inspector said that the motorcycle wound up hitting the center divider at some point during the crash. With the minimal protection that a motorcycle offers, that impact was traumatic and left both the passenger and the rider with catastrophic injuries.

The inspector did note that the two people in the Lexus also got hurt in the wreck, though their injuries were described as minor.

An officer with the California Highway Patrol said that one of the vehicles — he did not specify which one it was — drove into the delineators. These are the cones that construction crews put between active traffic lanes and work zones. The officer said that the cones were all over the freeway.

This accident shows how dangerous summer driving can be. With construction crews out on the job and the highways packed with vehicles, all it takes is one simple mistake for a devastating accident. Those who get injured must know what legal options they have to seek compensation.