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Knowing common motorcycle accidents may help prevent them

Anyone who buys a motorcycle has a love for the road that is unique and often more intense than other drivers. Bikes can be more fun, maneuverable and fast, but that advantages come with risks. Riders may be more likely to suffer serve injury or death than occupants of a car in a collision.

Clovis man killed in Fresno hit-and-run truck accident

Drivers, pedestrians and law enforcement officers work together to keep California's roads safe for all who use them. Although many of the millions of travelers in the Golden State never see an accident worse than a few paint chips, enough are injured or killed on motorways to recommend caution.

Hurt in a mass-transit accident? Know who's liable

As someone who has always wanted to travel, coming to Orange County was high on your list of things to do. What you didn't expect was to get on a bus and then get hurt while exploring the area. Your tour bus guide and the driver seemed nice, and you aren't sure if the accident was their fault or someone else's. Either way, you've been left with injuries that needed medical care and still require ongoing treatment.

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