Clovis man killed in Fresno hit-and-run truck accident

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2018 | truck accidents |

Drivers, pedestrians and law enforcement officers work together to keep California’s roads safe for all who use them. Although many of the millions of travelers in the Golden State never see an accident worse than a few paint chips, enough are injured or killed on motorways to recommend caution.

It is also vital that people involved in a motor vehicle accident remain at the scene to assess damage, ensure the safety of the people involved and wait for law enforcement to respond. Abandoning the scene may result in charges more serious than any a driver in a normal accident would face.

A runner is dead after being struck by a truck in Fresno. The 43-year-old Clovis man was on the shoulder in the northeast part of the city when a black truck swerved off the road and hit the man from behind. The truck then sped away, leaving bystanders without a clear image of the driver.

The victim was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Officers with the California Highway Patrol are seeking the driver and the vehicle involved, although no arrests have yet been made. The police are seeking a vehicle with damage on its front and right sides after the collision.

Injured victims of truck accidents and the survivor of truck collision fatalities have the right to consider a civil lawsuit for financial damages. An attorney can help prepare a case and advance it toward a settlement or a jury trial. Money may seem a poor substitute for suffering or loss, but a case can help people recover from an unexpected and unfortunate episode.