Most dangerous roads in Orange County

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There is a lot of traffic in Southern California. Therefore, the likelihood of an accident occurring increases substantially, and there are numerous roads and highways in the area where accidents are more likely to happen.

For a litany of reasons, accidents occur more often in certain areas compared to others. This can be due to the rate of traffic the area gets and whether the road has many twists and turns motorists may not be ready for. Orange County motorists should watch out for the following roads because an accident can occur at any moment.

Laguna Canyon Road

Many motorists, including many from out of town, love driving along Laguna Canyon Road. It offers a gorgeous view, and it goes right along the Pacific Coast. However, there are also numerous blind turns. Many severe collisions have occurred on this road over the years, particularly with drunk drivers taking the turns too fast at night.

Bristol Street

This street connects Santa Ana with Newport Beach. It is extremely busy, particularly during people’s commutes, and there are numerous tricky intersections to navigate through. Impaired driving is a big issue on this roadway. It is not uncommon to see motorists failing to stop at red lights or yield to pedestrians.

Ortega Highway

Motorists can get from Orange County to Riverside County with this highway. It takes them right through the Cleveland National Forest, which is beautiful. A major issue with this roadway is the high rate of motorcycle collisions. Head-on collisions are rampant due to motorcyclists going into the other lane to bypass slower traffic at an inopportune time.

Harbor Boulevard

This stretch of road lasts for 23 miles. Motorists will encounter all kinds of neighborhoods as they drive along Harbor Boulevard. Accidents occur all the time here, many of which result in significant injuries. No matter where people are in Orange County, they should drive cautiously.