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How do bus drivers keep their riders safe?

Commuters on public transit may take pride in getting to work in the way least likely to cause personal property damage or injuries. But accidents still happen with trains and buses, from single passengers slipping and falling to a vehicle overturning with dozens aboard. Some of these events can be prevented, especially if people know the proper safety codes for the vehicles they are aboard.

Truck crash injures 5 diners in Hayward restaurant

Accidents are an unfortunate fixture of driving life in California. There are so many types of vehicles on the road that minor fender-benders are often unavoidable. But one place people never expect to experience a car accident is while they are sitting down to a meal.

Driver killed in suspected DUI accident in Marina

There are more people on the roads in California at any given time than in any other state. As a result, drivers and pedestrians have to cooperate to stay safe. Accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, but there are few factors that contribute to poor road safety than drinking or drug use.

Marine died in motorcycle accident after stopping to help

California highways can be dangerous for motorcyclists, including the many soldiers, sailors and Marines who ride regularly in the state. At least three members of the military lost their lives in motorcycle collisions in Southern California in the last two months.

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