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Bus driver may have been drunk before Los Alamos crash

Millions of Californians rely on public transit to get to work or home or run required errands. Many of the large coastal cities that are less than pedestrian-friendly are especially dependent on trains, buses and ferries. In turn, these riders rely on smart, professional and dedicated drivers and operators to keep them safe and moving.

Truck driver suspected of DUI after Fresno collision

Trucks of all sizes bring important goods and materials to California. The booming construction industry in the Golden State would practically come to a halt without semitrucks. But the same advantages of large commercial vehicles may become problems if the trucker is involved in a high-speed collision with a much smaller passenger vehicle.

Is winter dangerous for California drivers?

The winter months are upon us in the United States, and many people are looking forward to snow days that will keep them wrapped up warm at home. In California, staying dry is a bigger concern than staying warm, although there can be just as many winter car accidents on the coast as in the Midwest.

Do you need to sue a friend if the dog bites you?

When you hear about dogs attacking people, it is usually a random dog that got loose or a stray. One California jogger experienced this firsthand when a dog attacked her. She attempted to defend herself with pepper spray, but this actually led to the dog's human owner attacking and biting the jogger. 

Pregnant Californian killed in suspected DUI crash

Motor vehicles are a part of daily life for millions of Californians. Mass transit options exist but nothing comes close to having your own car or truck for the freedom to get to work and run the errands in your life. Unfortunately, challenges and dangers face many people on the roads.

Suspected DUI driver fatally strikes motorcyclist

Motorcycles are one of the most exciting vehicles one could drive in California, but they are also one of the most hazardous. The lack of protection afforded to riders, as well as the difficulty in seeing a vehicle with a small profile, are dangers enough. But the damage and injury done by drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol are equally more dangerous to bikers.

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