Do you need to sue a friend if the dog bites you?

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When you hear about dogs attacking people, it is usually a random dog that got loose or a stray. One California jogger experienced this firsthand when a dog attacked her. She attempted to defend herself with pepper spray, but this actually led to the dog’s human owner attacking and biting the jogger.

You may not have a problem calling animal control when you do not personally know the dog’s owner. Unfortunately, many people suffer dog bites from a friend’s pooch. You want compensation for your injuries, but you do not want to risk the friendship and potentially get the dog put down.

Seek medical help

Before you even worry about a lawsuit, you need to make sure a professional looks at your wound. An infection may develop, and you need to avoid that if possible. There may be expenses at this point you need to pay out of your own pocket. Your friend’s insurance company can reimburse your insurance agency at a later date. For right now, you need to document your injuries to present in court later if needed.

Get financial compensation

Anyone with a dog, especially if the dog breed can be vicious, should have liability insurance. Therefore, when you seek compensation for your injuries, you do not take money out of your friend’s pocket. You get it from the insurance company. In some cases, the homeowner’s insurance policy covers dog bites. If you have a dog, then you need to protect yourself with a comprehensive policy.

Make sure your friend trains the dog

For the most part, the state will not order the owner to put down the dog for a first offense. It may occur if the dog has a history of violence. Instead, a judge will likely order your friend to take the dog to training classes so that this does not happen again.