Truck driver suspected of DUI after Fresno collision

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2019 | truck accidents |

Trucks of all sizes bring important goods and materials to California. The booming construction industry in the Golden State would practically come to a halt without semitrucks. But the same advantages of large commercial vehicles may become problems if the trucker is involved in a high-speed collision with a much smaller passenger vehicle.

Distracted driving due to motorists use of cellphones or other electronic devices is a major risk factor for accidents on California roads. Although it is completely illegal, driving under the infleunce of drugs or alcohol is one of the most dangerous risks that a driver can take for himself and the other who share the roads.

A truck driver is under arrest on suspicious of drunk driving after his vehicle struck a car head-on in Fresno. Reports show that the eastbound truck suddenly swerved into the westbound lane and hit the other vehicle, injuring its sole occupant. The driver was in and out of consciousness after suffering a head wound. Emergency services transported him to a local hospital for treatment.

Fresno police officers evaluated the trucker and arrested him on suspicion of driving under the influence. Police also reported the trucker was driving on a suspended license, which may result in further moving violations being lodged against him.

Victims of truck accidents and other motor vehicle collisions have the right to seek damages in civil court to help with recovery-related expenses and compensation for the emotional and physical pain that accompanies trauma. An attorney can help victims and their families determine how to best seek justice.