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Scooters pose legal question in California mass transit law

Mass transit keeps many people on their way to work or home and makes California traffic more bearable. It is difficult to imagine how bad it would be if more people had to drive in the Los Angeles area. And it is difficult to imagine how dangerous it could be to pedestrians and drivers alike if mass transit operators were not highly trained and certified to do their work.

California truck driver faces charges over traffic death

Many products we take for granted would be scarce or at least far more expensive without fleets of trucks that handle most of California's shipping needs. Tractor trailers have high volume and low maneuverability when compared to cars and other passenger vehicles. This is why so much more training is involved in getting a commercial driver's license and job.

California motorcyclist killed before driver fled the scene

From lane-splitting on the freeway to hugging curves on the Pacific Coast Highway, motorcycling carries its risks in California. Bikes are harder to see than conventional vehicles, and they offer almost no protection to riders in the case of a collision. Experienced bikers know how to protect themselves, but sometimes that is not enough.

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