Driver killed as rain falls on interstate in Riverside County

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2019 | car accidents |

Winter is here, and California is seeing more rain. Although precipitation can be a welcome relief on the parched coasts and plains, water on the road surface and fog above it can also cause serious problems for drivers.

A driver was struck outside his vehicle on the I-10 freeway in Cabazon recently. His car had left the road briefly and struck a retaining wall in foul weather conditions, and he had gotten out to check his car before attempting to leave while the car was in one of the four westbound traffic lanes.

The man was still outside the car when another vehicle hit his car. The collision caused catastrophic injuries to the man, who died an hour later after transport to a regional hospital in Banning. The driver of the car that struck him was not injured in the incident.

An officer with the California Highway Patrol said the driver may not have seen the car in time to stop or change lanes because the rain caused reduced visibility conditions on the interstate. The crash remains under investigation, however, as alcohol and drugs have not been ruled out as factors in the accident.

Even without an obvious disqualification from driving such as drunkenness or drug use, reckless or negligent behavior by drivers may cause an accident as well as a cause for financial damages. Awards in civil court or from settlements can help victims and their families recover from the unexpected expenses after a car accident.

An attorney can help review the facts of a collision and determine the best way towards being made whole through civil court actions or demands for a settlement.