Scooters pose legal question in California mass transit law

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2019 | mass transit accidents |

Mass transit keeps many people on their way to work or home and makes California traffic more bearable. It is difficult to imagine how bad it would be if more people had to drive in the Los Angeles area. And it is difficult to imagine how dangerous it could be to pedestrians and drivers alike if mass transit operators were not highly trained and certified to do their work.

One of the reasons mass transit works is because the liability is clear if something goes wrong. In the few cases that the fault in a collision or other type of accident cannot be determined, a civil court can help resolve the issue. But the liability often comes down to who failed to do their duty to others on the road.

A new complication in several cities in the Golden State is the rise of the e-scooter. These little devices are about half the size of a bicycle and allow smartphone subscribers to pay for quick motor-assisted jaunts across town. Some people think they are a step toward fewer cars on the road, but others are concerned about the hazards to riders and pedestrians around them.

Since they are shared assets, the scooters cause a legal quandary. The operator of a specific scooter, as well as the manufacturer of the device and the local manager of the fleet, may all be legally liable.

Since this is newer legal ground in California, people injured by scooters and other new mass transit systems may consider legal representation in the search for financial damages. An attorney can help navigate these tangled legal claims more easily.