Los Angeles approves settlement with motorcycle crash victim

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2019 | motorcycle accidents |

Motorcycling in California comes with many advantages, like the ability to experience the Golden State in all its splendor and occasionally split lanes on a crowded freeway. There are also plenty of risks, and many of them are the same as the advantages. Most motorcycle accidents are just that, but many accidents may have been caused by more than just bad luck.

A 26-year-old motorcyclist was seriously injured in San Pedro when he crashed on the surface of the road on which he was riding. This happened after he drove over several holes in the surface, which his attorney said were caused by city employees using survey equipment in the area.

The collision caused a fall and the driver suffered a head injury after his helmet cracked due to the force. Fortunately, the victim is ambulatory, but he is unable to work after his injury. His lawyer claims he will never be able to work again and his family or caretakers will be responsible for his care.

The victim’s claim against the City of Los Angeles resulted in a $6.1 million settlement, which became payable after the city council voted on the issue. This payout will help the victim manage his medical needs as a result of the accident.

Victims of motorcycle accidents and the survivors of motorcycle fatalities may claim compensation in civil court if another person or entity was at fault in the incident. An attorney can help victims and their loved ones work out their options and move towards a settlement or jury verdict that can help them recover.