Fatal crashes involving large trucks are up 52.6% since 2009

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Every day, large commercial trucks travel all through California, delivering goods that stock grocery stores, retailers and more. Unfortunately, when these large semis are involved in an accident, the results can be devastating. Since 2009, fatal crashes involving large trucks have steadily increased. Fatal crashes reached 4,415 in 2018, up 52.6% since 2009. They also have increased 5.7% from 2016 to 2018.

A study on why crashes are occurring

Earlier this year, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced it will conduct a major study as to what’s causing these large truck accidents. It will be the first study of its kind in 15 years.

Some of the factors evaluated in the new study will include:

  • How truck drivers texting or using cell phones behind the wheel impact the number of accidents
  • How in-cab navigation and emergency braking systems impact the number of accidents
  • How fleet management systems impact drivers’ abilities to get needed rests

The study also hopes to identify areas where improving in-cab safety technology could reduce accidents.

Truck accidents caused by car drivers

Some of the most common reasons car drivers collide with trucks include the following:

  • Driving in the truck driver’s blind spot
  • Changing lanes abruptly in front of a truck
  • Merging improperly into traffic, causing the truck driver to slow down too quickly
  • Failing to slow down when a truck is merging into the same lane or slowing down
  • Pulling in front of a truck without accelerating properly

Both car and truck drivers need to be cautious on the road, avoiding distracted driving, speeding and tailgating. That way, everyone can arrive at their destination safely.