Helmets save lives and prevent further injury

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Motorcycle owners often have a love-hate relationship with their helmet. There is no arguing that it feels great to have the wind going through their hair and hear the engine’s roar unmuffled. However, there is one reason why California requires helmets on riders and their passengers – it is safer.

There is no doubt that this is a vital piece of safety equipment because it protects the head. It is important to remember that the helmet must fit properly and should be highly rated. This can make a difference whether taking the bike out on the open road or running errands in the neighborhood.

Do not take our word for it

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers several noteworthy statistics. These include:

  • Helmets saved an estimated 1,859 lives in 2016
  • Helmets reduce the likelihood of death by 37%
  • Helmets reduce the risk of head injury by 69%

The CDC also estimates that not having a national helmet law costs about $1 billion annually.

Still dangerous

Helmets indeed work, but this does not give riders a license to drive recklessly. Some sobering statistics include:

  • Riders are 29-times more likely to die in a crash than those driving a car.
  • Riding while intoxicated is responsible for one-third of all fatal injuries on a bike.
  • Nearly 5,000 riders died on a bike in 2018.

Caution is the key

Riders must drive with extreme caution because they have so little protection. Often, they can be injured or killed because of the negligence of others. Simple ways to reduce this risk is to observe the rules of the road and assume that other drivers in four-wheeled vehicles will either not see the biker or respect their right to be on the road.

A personal injury attorney who handles motorcycle accidents can be a tremendous help in holding the negligent parties accountable in a court of law or in a settlement. Those with questions regarding an injury or death should discuss the crash’s circumstances with these legal professionals.