Fall driving tips

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Fall is the favorite season for many. Some think the cooler weather feels refreshing after the dog days of August. The season brings a cornucopia of color in the trees that is glorious to see. For some parents, it marks the start of the school year. Sports fans think of fall and imagine the start of football, followed by basketball, hockey, and the baseball playoffs.

While winter can be icy and treacherous, fall’s changes in weather pose many challenges for drivers.

Seasonal hazards to watch for

The change in seasons means a change in driving conditions. These include:

  • Slippery roads: Fall can be quite rainy, with the likelihood of frost and even some fog. Remember that wet leaves on the pavement can be as slippery as ice or hide a treacherous pothole.
  • Kids crossing: This is not the usual school year, but school is back in session, so be careful in school zones, near school buses and especially on Halloween.
  • Tire pressure: Lower temperatures in the mornings can mean underinflated tires that can be dangerously sluggish.
  • Animals on the road: According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, drivers are 3.5-times more likely to hit an animal in November. Deer in particular because hunting season and mating season lead to more animal movement.

Legal help may be necessary

Victims involved in a motor vehicle crash may need legal help from an experienced personal injury attorney. These legal professionals can help clients secure compensation for loss of income due to missed work, additional medical expenses not covered by insurance, property damage, and pain and suffering caused by injuries.