Some motorcyclists drive too recklessly

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There are good drivers and bad drivers, regardless of whether they drive a car, truck or motorcycle. In the case of a motorcycle, however, the ramifications of reckless driving can lead to severe injury or even death. It is a fact that they should follow the rules of the road, and their well-being often hinges on taking even greater care when they ride.

Bad habits often seen

The following are some common examples of motorcyclists causing accidents or injury to others:

  • Cornering: Riders love the maneuverability offered by a motorcycle, but some push their bike too far by crashing when coming into a turn too fast, or hitting other vehicles, bicyclists or pedestrians because they were not cautious enough.
  • Distracted riding: Considering the potential for injury, it is hard to believe that bikers will pull out their device as they ride along, although they are just as prone to not pay attention to the road at times as other drivers.
  • Poor maintenance: This can lead to breakdowns on the road, malfunctions or lack of control due to a flat tire (perhaps due to bald tires).
  • Drunk riding: The number of riders above the legal blood alcohol limit is stubbornly high, and it is a major contributor to road fatalities.
  • Speed kills: The high percentage of young male riders leads to a higher than average incidences of racing or speeding, which can cause injury to others as well as themselves.

Their injuries may be their fault

Unfortunately, a motorcycle’s size makes them hard to see, which means that cars and trucks may accidentally cut riders off or hit them. However, it is not the pedestrian, bicyclists or other drivers’ fault if the motorcyclist acted recklessly. They may end up severely injured, but it may be their fault.