Proving negligence if injured while shopping

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Some people love to go shopping, while others look at it as a necessary evil to endure. Whether someone loves it, hates it, or is somewhere in-between, stores are legally obligated to provide a safe environment for customers.

Whether shopping in a big box store, local drug store or fancy boutique, a customer may find themselves severely injured. Often this is due to negligence on the part of the store owner, management or staff. They could have removed or better marked a hazard.

Typical shopping injuries

These incidents can occur in the store or in the parking lot:

  • Slip and fall on a wet floor
  • Slip, trip and fall on an unmarked step or uneven walkway
  • Trip and fall due to improper lighting
  • Trip and fall due to unmarked impediments
  • Injury due to falling objects from shelves or displays
  • Injury due to malfunctioning escalators, elevators or equipment
  • Injury due to an assault or attack

Proving negligence

Those injured on a commercial property like a store will need to prove the store’s negligence. Often this means that the store owner, manager or staff did not exercise reasonable care in preventing hazardous situations. This could be a poorly designed display that fell on the customer, a puddle of water near the entrance on a rainy day, or unrepaired safety equipment like lights, railings and ramps. The store staff cannot be everywhere at once, but it may be a matter of overlooking an obvious hazard for an unreasonable amount of time.

Injuries can be severe

It may not seem like much to slip and fall or trip over a curb in the parking lot, but a simple fall can cause injuries to the head, which can mean a concussion. Those with a back injury could face weeks or months of recovery. In cases such as these, it can be crucial to contact a personal injury attorney who handles premises liability. They can help prove that the store was at fault for not creating a safe space to shop in.