Potential impacts of a traumatic brain injury

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Brain functions play a key role in almost every aspect of our daily lives. Actions that we sometimes take for granted, such as communicating with our loved ones, moving around, reading, and eating all require some form of brain activity.

Consequently, a traumatic brain injury can have a significant impact on our lives. Not only can brain injuries result from catastrophic accidents, but even a minor knock to the head can also impact brain functions. Outlined below are some of the more common consequences of an injury to the brain.

Inability to move freely

A traumatic brain injury can significantly impact a person’s motor skills. The consequences of this are that even the most simple tasks, such as getting dressed, can be a challenge for the affected party. Additionally, a person may lose their ability to drive or even walk. Sometimes, symptoms can be temporary, however, in many cases, an individual may be permanently impacted.

A loss of employment

After an accident, a person will typically need time off from work to recover. This can result in a temporary loss of wages. However, in more severe cases, a person’s ability to work may be permanently damaged. This can have a negative effect both financially and emotionally. Not only might a person get into financial trouble if they are unable to earn, but they may also lose a sense of purpose, which is key to happiness in life.

Problems in relationships

A traumatic brain injury can cause a person to lose their ability to socialize fully. For example, certain brain injuries could result in facial expressions being affected. Additionally, individuals may have memory issues, meaning that they cannot recall shared events. Essentially, an injured party may turn into a completely different person, making it difficult to maintain previous relationships.

The consequences of a traumatic brain injury can be devastating. Nevertheless, recoveries can be made and there is help out there if you find yourself in such an unfortunate position.