What causes road rage?

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If you asked a raging driver what they were upset about, they would probably say you. They might tell you what you did “wrong” that upset them. Perhaps they think you cut them up on purpose, indicated late, or slowed them down. Yet the truth is, their anger has little to do with you.

Driving can be stressful, especially in heavy traffic, and if someone is not in a good place to start with, the slightest thing can tip them over the edge.

Road rage usually has non-road-related causes

You may accidentally do something that upsets a driver. Yet, if they were in a better mood to start with or had better anger management skills, they would not react in a way that endangers other drivers. Here are some of the things that might cause a driver to be dangerously on edge:

  • They have not slept enough: Some people get grumpy and impatient when tired.
  • They have been drinking: Think about bar fights. Many are about something insignificant and only happen because one or both parties have consumed alcohol. While some people get giggly when they drink, others get mean.
  • They are stressed: Modern life can come with a lot of stress, and some people struggle to deal with it.
  • They are upset with someone else: Perhaps a driver stormed out of the house and got in the car after arguing with their partner. Or maybe they returned to their vehicle to find a parking ticket.

Understanding why drivers act dangerously can help you cope with them. Yet, if a driver injures you, you do not need to psychoanalyze them. Highlighting their actions that led to the crash should be enough to get you the compensation you will need.