Protecting yourself as a pedestrian in Irvine, California

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Whether it’s to get to work or have a look around the local stores, many people opt to travel on foot in Irvine, California. Most of the time, pedestrians are able to go about their day without running into any problems.

Unfortunately, traveling on foot does not always go smoothly, and as a pedestrian, you have less physical protection than cars and other vehicles. You cannot do anything to control the conduct of road users, but you can regulate your own behavior. What safety measures can you take as a pedestrian in Irvine, California?

Being defensive as a pedestrian

Many drivers will be conscious of your safety, other drivers will neglect to think about it. The safest thing you can do is to not give any driver the benefit of the doubt. If you are at a crossing, assume they haven’t seen you. If you are heading down a narrow sidewalk, don’t assume that they are going to give you enough space.

Keep distractions to a minimum  

If you are walking in an area where there is a guarantee of no traffic, then you may wish to listen to a podcast or favorite album with your headphones in. When there is traffic nearby, this is never a good idea. You need to have your wits about you as a pedestrian, looking out for potential hazards at all times. If you get caught off guard by a vehicle, then you run the risk of being seriously hurt.

Walking to your destination can keep you fit as well as save you some money, but it is important to protect yourself as you do so. If you have been physically injured by a car on your journey, take a closer look at your legal rights.