Traumatic brain injuries decrease life expectancy

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Traumatic brain injuries can have a profound effect on the victim’s life in a variety of ways. A person who’s dealing with a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury and is in an inpatient rehabilitation center has a life expectancy that’s around 9 years shorter than the average person. 

The many effects of traumatic brain injuries are the reason for this decrease in life expectancy. These individuals are 50 times more likely to have seizures and 9 times more likely to have infections than the general public. They’re also at an increased risk of drug poisoning and pneumonia. 

Other impacts of a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury

The five-year outlook for a person who has a moderate to severe brain injury varies greatly:

  • 30% of patients had a worsened condition
  • 26% of patients improved
  • 22% of patients stayed the same
  • 22% of patients died

For the patients who survived beyond the five-year mark, there are often serious health problems. Of those, approximately 57% have a moderate or severe disability. A few other things to consider:

  • 12% live in a nursing facility or institution
  • 29% aren’t satisfied with life
  • 33% need help with daily life activities
  • 55% don’t have a job

Drug and alcohol use are also challenges for people who survive this type of injury. Around 29% of those who survive beyond that five-year mark use illegal drugs or abuse alcohol, often to cope with their pain or the psychological aspects of their condition.

Anyone who’s dealing with a traumatic brain injury that’s caused by someone else’s negligence should ensure they get the medical care they need for their injuries. It’s possible to seek compensation for these injuries, but your time is limited under California law, so you can’t delay acting.