Why is driving around the holidays dangerous?

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2022 | car accidents |

People head out to see family members and friends for the holiday season. This leads to an increase of people on the roadways, which can make the journey more difficult for drivers. It’s up to each driver to ensure they’re driving safely; however, even safe drivers can be struck by negligent drivers.

Even though most residents in this area don’t have to deal with snow unless they’re going up into the mountains, weather conditions can still be a problem during holiday travel. Rain and foggy conditions can make it difficult to see when you’re on the road. 

Distracted drivers can also cause problems

Thinking about plans for the holiday season can distract drivers, especially if they have to make phone calls or read messages about those plans. Drivers shouldn’t ever read messages or make calls while they’re driving, but some might opt to still try to multitask. 

Another distraction some drivers face during the holiday season is children in the vehicle. The excitement of the holiday season might have children acting more boisterously than usual, which can distract drivers. Ideally, drivers will have another adult or someone with them who can help care for younger children on the roads. 

Anyone who’s injured in a car wreck this holiday season should ensure they get the medical care necessary to treat their injuries. When the crash was the fault of a negligent driver, seeking compensation is possible. This enables you to attempt to recover financial damages, such as missed wages and medical expenses. Working with someone familiar with these cases is beneficial so you can focus on healing while they handle other tasks.