Even a minor car crash can cause whiplash

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Driving is probably the most dangerous activity most people do every day. But unfortunately, regardless of how best you try to drive carefully and defensively, you may still get into a car accident. Although people often associate significant property damage with serious injuries, the fact of the matter is that even minor car crashes can cause serious injuries. 

The physical force of a car crash or a sudden stop may violently shake your body and lead to different injuries. One of the injuries you may suffer from is whiplash. Even in a minor crash, the neck’s sensitive muscles, ligaments and tendons may tear. Below are signs of whiplash you should look out for after a minor car crash. 

Neck stiffness

If you find it difficult to move your neck, this may be a sign of whiplash. You may have a stiff neck because the muscles, tendons and ligaments are strained. Look out for a dull, aching pain in your neck to determine if you have whiplash. 


In some cases, whiplash may also cause a dizzying or spinning sensation, which are classic symptoms of cervical vertigo. When whiplash occurs, it may misalign the vertebrae in your spine and contribute to this condition. 

Cognitive problems

Whiplash may result in injuries to both the neck and brain. When the brain bangs inside your skull walls, it may cause a concussion. Although you may not lose consciousness after a concussion, when your brain crashes against your skull, it may cause some harm. 

A concussion may cause cognitive problems, including forgetfulness, slurred speech, concentration and memory issues, sleep disturbance and personality changes.

Increased fatigue

When you get injured in a car accident, your body will work extra hard to get rid of the pain, which may make you feel exhausted, even after getting plenty of sleep. Sometimes, neck pain from the whiplash may make it difficult to get restful sleep if lying down feels uncomfortable. 

If you or a loved one got into a car accident within the past weeks or months and you notice the above signs, ensure you seek medical attention. You may also consider seeking legal assistance to recover damages for your injuries.