What advice can you give to your newly-driving teenager?

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2023 | car accidents |

You might be familiar with this scenario. Your teenager has just passed their driving test and they can’t wait to get out on the road to enjoy their freedom. They’re busy arranging with their friends all the things they can do now they no longer need to rely on you for a ride. 

For you, however, it might be difficult to share their elation. The thought of them out there in the car by themselves can be pretty terrifying, especially when you know what kind of dangers they might be facing. Below are a few pieces of advice you can pass on to help them while they’re new to the road. 

Remind them to keep their attention on the road 

As a new driver, it’s hard to appreciate the dangers of not giving the road your full attention. You’ve never really had to sit there and pay attention before. 

With a car full of friends, and a busy social life, there’s a risk of your teenager talking on the phone or texting while they’re behind the wheel. It’s hard to give your full attention to two things at once. 

Remind your teen of the importance of giving the road their full concentration while behind the wheel. They may not think about the fact that they’re not only responsible for themselves but for any passengers they have and for other drivers. 

Go through some basic car maintenance 

It doesn’t need to be anything too in-depth, they just need to be aware of simple things such as how to top up the oil, fill the windshield wiper fluid, and change a tire. 

Finding themselves in a situation where they’ve broken down due to a flat tire can be really scary, especially if you’re not around to help them. Learning the basics can make all the difference. 

Talk about driving in different weather

The difference between driving in bad weather and on a clear, sunny day can be huge. Excessive wind or heavy rain can affect how the car drives and stopping distances. 

Use your time while you’re out in the car with your teen to talk them through what to do in different situations such as allowing more time to brake when the roads are wet and icy.  

No matter how conscientious a driver your teen is, unfortunately there are other people on the road who are not so conscientious. If they find themselves in a car accident, it’s important to seek some legal representation.