Timing is everything: Avoiding the day’s most hazardous driving periods

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As a driver, you might think you are equally safe on the road at any time of day. However, certain hours may pose significantly higher risks. Understanding these dangerous periods can help you stay alert and protect yourself on the road.

The two most dangerous driving times

Rush hour (4 PM to 7 PM)

The afternoon rush hour is the most hazardous time to drive. During these hours, you may encounter a perfect storm of risk factors. Roads become congested with commuters eager to return home, leading to increased impatience and aggressive driving. Fatigue from a long workday can impair judgment and reaction times. Additionally, the setting sun may cause glare, further compromising visibility.

Late night to early morning (12 AM to 4 AM)

The second most dangerous period occurs in the wee hours of the morning. While roads are less crowded, this period presents its own set of challenges. Drowsy driving becomes a primary concern as your body’s natural circadian rhythm urges you to sleep. Moreover, you are more likely to encounter impaired drivers who have been drinking or using substances.

Staying safe during high-risk hours

To navigate these dangerous times safely and avoid a motor vehicle collision, you may adopt these strategies:

  • Plan your trips

If possible, avoid driving during peak danger hours. Adjust your schedule to travel during safer periods.

  • Stay alert

During rush hour, maintain focus and avoid distractions. If driving late at night, ensure you are well-rested or consider alternative transportation.

  • Increase following distance

Allow more space between your vehicle and others, which will give you extra time to react to sudden changes.

  • Use defensive driving techniques

Anticipate other drivers’ actions and be prepared to respond safely.

  • Maintain your vehicle

Make sure your car is in good condition and has properly functioning lights, brakes and tires.

By recognizing these dangerous driving periods and implementing these safety measures, you can significantly reduce the risk on the road. Remember, your actions behind the wheel directly impact your safety and that of others sharing the road with you. It pays to stay vigilant and always drive responsibly.