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Scooters pose legal question in California mass transit law

Mass transit keeps many people on their way to work or home and makes California traffic more bearable. It is difficult to imagine how bad it would be if more people had to drive in the Los Angeles area. And it is difficult to imagine how dangerous it could be to pedestrians and drivers alike if mass transit operators were not highly trained and certified to do their work.

Bus driver may have been drunk before Los Alamos crash

Millions of Californians rely on public transit to get to work or home or run required errands. Many of the large coastal cities that are less than pedestrian-friendly are especially dependent on trains, buses and ferries. In turn, these riders rely on smart, professional and dedicated drivers and operators to keep them safe and moving.

How do bus drivers keep their riders safe?

Commuters on public transit may take pride in getting to work in the way least likely to cause personal property damage or injuries. But accidents still happen with trains and buses, from single passengers slipping and falling to a vehicle overturning with dozens aboard. Some of these events can be prevented, especially if people know the proper safety codes for the vehicles they are aboard.

Ferry crash shakes up California pier and injures 2

Southern California is no pedestrian's paradise beyond the beaches, but there are many alternatives to driving. Millions of Californians rely on buses, trains and boats to get them to work or errands and back every day. Professional drivers and strict rules around mass transit keep these people safe as they thumb through their smartphones or books.

San Fernando Valley bus crash injures at least 25

Thousands of Californians, mainly in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas, use mass transit to avoid dealing with traffic on their own. It's often more appealing to spend a commute reading a book or browsing through social media posts instead of fighting traffic. Accidents are also generally less common for buses and trains.

What's the best approach after a mass transit injury?

Buses and trains are a big part of Californian's commutes. It's bad enough when mass transit is late, but an accident with injuries can set lives back for months. If the only answer is to sue for financial damages, it's best to know who can be sued and why.

Hurt in a mass-transit accident? Know who's liable

As someone who has always wanted to travel, coming to Orange County was high on your list of things to do. What you didn't expect was to get on a bus and then get hurt while exploring the area. Your tour bus guide and the driver seemed nice, and you aren't sure if the accident was their fault or someone else's. Either way, you've been left with injuries that needed medical care and still require ongoing treatment.

Slip-and-fall accidents: Environmental hazards

A lot of different factors contribute to slip-and-fall accidents. For instance, old age may make a fall more likely and can increase the odds of serious injuries when that fall does happen. Another potential factor is simply the way the person is interacting with their environment; for instance, a person who is rushing at work, trying to make a deadline, may be more likely to be involved in a slip-and-fall incident.

Sometimes dangerous dogs hide warning signs

When you go jogging by a house and you hear a dog barking and snarling on the other side of the fence, it is easy to imagine that that dog may bite you. However, it is important to remember that many dogs do not give off such obvious warning signs. They may bite unexpectedly.

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