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Los Angeles approves settlement with motorcycle crash victim

Motorcycling in California comes with many advantages, like the ability to experience the Golden State in all its splendor and occasionally split lanes on a crowded freeway. There are also plenty of risks, and many of them are the same as the advantages. Most motorcycle accidents are just that, but many accidents may have been caused by more than just bad luck.

California motorcyclist killed before driver fled the scene

From lane-splitting on the freeway to hugging curves on the Pacific Coast Highway, motorcycling carries its risks in California. Bikes are harder to see than conventional vehicles, and they offer almost no protection to riders in the case of a collision. Experienced bikers know how to protect themselves, but sometimes that is not enough.

Suspected DUI driver fatally strikes motorcyclist

Motorcycles are one of the most exciting vehicles one could drive in California, but they are also one of the most hazardous. The lack of protection afforded to riders, as well as the difficulty in seeing a vehicle with a small profile, are dangers enough. But the damage and injury done by drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol are equally more dangerous to bikers.

Marine died in motorcycle accident after stopping to help

California highways can be dangerous for motorcyclists, including the many soldiers, sailors and Marines who ride regularly in the state. At least three members of the military lost their lives in motorcycle collisions in Southern California in the last two months.

Southern California is dangerous for motorcycles

It's easy to forget that cars, trucks and buses share the road with motorcycles. In fact, that attitude is often the problem behind troubles for bikers. Many drivers do not know how to properly watch out for motorcycles, and the smaller, fast-moving vehicles are more difficult to see during a classic California sunset or fog.

Motorcycle driver killed after car's unsafe left turn

California has the highest population of citizens in the United States, as well as the largest number of bikers. Motorcycles are a great way to see the Golden State or use them as a workhorse for commuting and errands. Anyone who has lost hours in a freeway traffic jam has fantasized about using two wheels instead of four.

Knowing common motorcycle accidents may help prevent them

Anyone who buys a motorcycle has a love for the road that is unique and often more intense than other drivers. Bikes can be more fun, maneuverable and fast, but that advantages come with risks. Riders may be more likely to suffer serve injury or death than occupants of a car in a collision.

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