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Chain reaction accident causes four injuries in El Dorado County

Check your rearview mirror. Look both ways. Count to five before you pass a stop sign. These bits of common sense are part of a driver's everyday adventure through California. But even the most cautious driver may be injured or experience trauma at the hands of others on the road.

Recent truck crash may have been part of a pattern

Accidents happen all the time in southern California. Most long-time veterans of freeway driving can recount an upside-down car after a collision or a truck laid low on the side of the road. Most motor vehicle crashes are minor events that are easily solved with insurance agents, but occasional accidents can cost thousands of dollars or even lives.

Clovis man killed in Fresno hit-and-run truck accident

Drivers, pedestrians and law enforcement officers work together to keep California's roads safe for all who use them. Although many of the millions of travelers in the Golden State never see an accident worse than a few paint chips, enough are injured or killed on motorways to recommend caution.

Who is responsible after a cargo shift accident?

One of the greatest dangers with semitrucks is a cargo shift while on the road. This can cause a truck to jackknife, lose control or roll over. An accident of this magnitude can impact numerous vehicles in the travel lanes around the semi, leading to injuries and even fatalities. Usually, these shifts happen because cargo is not properly loaded, not properly secured or not properly tied down.

Causes of truck accidents in the state of California

Driving becomes a second nature thing when you've done it for years on end. Despite this, even the most experienced drivers can find themselves involved in serious accidents on the roads of Orange County. With so much congestion on the roads of California, it isn't surprising how many accidents occur that involve trucks. Here are the causes of truck accidents in the state.

Car safety near buses and trucks

As the driver of a car, it is likely that you feel intimidated or scared when you come to pass a heavy vehicle on the road. It may be that you believe that it is driving too fast in respect to its load, or that you worry that the driver will not see you while you are overtaking.

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