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Spinal Injuries Call For Attentive Representation

A spinal cord injury will likely impact your quality of life. Severe damage to your spine is bound to cause pain, limitations and other health issues – both now and as you age. Given the serious nature of your injury, there is no room to miss an opportunity for physical or financial recovery.

Advocate Law Firm Professional Law Corporation can work with you to seek compensation for a spinal injury after a car accident, a slip-and-fall accident or another act of negligence. Our highly skilled personal injury lawyer has assisted clients with major injuries in California for over 45 years. We know that your case is physically, emotionally and legally challenging, and we are dedicated to supporting you.

The True Cost Of A Spinal Injury

A spinal injury could be a lifelong problem. Because your spine connects all parts of your body, spinal damage could cause paralysis or chronic pain. However, it is hard to measure existing and future consequences – and to name a dollar amount.

Our attorneys can thoroughly estimate the full extent of damages for your claim, including:

  • Lost income for time away from your job
  • Estimated income loss over the course of your career
  • Current and future medical costs, including surgery and rehabilitative therapy
  • Costs of vocational retraining
  • Expenses related to accessibility, such as wheelchairs, ramps, lifts and more
  • Other costs specific to your case, including emotional and psychological damages

We have the experience to assess the maximum amount of compensation that you will need to move forward. Often, insurance companies will try to minimize compensation by offering a low settlement in comparison with a claim’s true value. We can help you determine whether a settlement is fair and, if not, we will represent you in court.

Accessible Service, Free Consultations

If you suffered a spinal injury, Advocate Law Firm Professional Law Corporation can help you get what you need from legal advice to medical care. We will protect your interests and rights at every step of the process. Call 1-866-341-3575 or email our office in Orange County to schedule a free consultation. Our lawyer can meet you where it is most convenient for you. We also offer virtual appointments.