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Legal Help After A Motorcycle Accident

Anyone on the road faces some level of danger but motorcycle accidents can be especially serious due to the difference in vehicle sizes. Many victims are left with severe and possibly permanent damage. Securing a lawyer’s help can mean the difference between fully covering your medical costs and being unable to claim any compensation for personal injuries.

Navigating The Whole Process For You

Like other vehicle accidents, proving fault is an important piece of the case. If you share any fault, you may lose a percentage of the compensation you would otherwise receive. Oftentimes, drivers will claim they could not see the motorcyclist because of their smaller vehicle size. At the Advocate Law Firm Professional Law Corporation, we know how to gather the evidence necessary to pursue a positive outcome.

In addition to understanding California’s standards for accident fault, our attorney, Kenneth Satin, has worked with over 40,000 clients with a variety of injuries and circumstances. We help our clients find cost-effective means of getting the medical treatment they need, as well as finding transportation options while their vehicle is being repaired.

We Help You Focus On Your Recovery

When you come to us, the only thing you need to do is focus on getting well again. We handle the rest.

We can visit homes, offices and hospitals for appointments so you never have to worry about transportation. We also offer virtual appointments. Please email us or call 1-866-341-3575 to ask about a free consultation.

We are located in Irvine and help accident victims throughout Southern California.