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We Go The Extra Mile For Pedestrian Accident Victims

Any accident can be tragic but pedestrian accidents are especially likely to cause catastrophic injuries. The costs of treatment and rehabilitation leave most people unable to afford the medical bills, not to mention the burden of being unable to work. The Advocate Law Firm Professional Law Corporation will take every possible step to maximize your compensation so you can seek the medical help you need.

Are Pedestrians Ever At Fault?

When filing a personal injury claim in California, your level of fault can affect how much compensation you are able to receive. It may seem that drivers are to blame if they hit a pedestrian but pedestrians can contribute to the accident as well.

When travelling by foot, you are required to only cross the street at crosswalks or walk signals. If you cross at an area without a crosswalk or at a “No Walk” signal and you are hit by a car, you might be found at fault. You can protect yourself physically and legally by following these pedestrian laws.

When pursuing a claim, we will work to show the other party’s negligence and protect your rights to compensation.

Aiding Every Step Of Your Recovery

After a pedestrian accident, it is especially important to turn to a skilled lawyer who can explain the next best steps to take. Our attorney, Kenneth Satin, has helped over 40,000 injured clients get back on their feet. We know how to fight for the maximum compensation you can receive. We can also help you find medical options that will not require you to pay upfront.

For a free consultation, please contact us online or call 1-866-341-3575. We will visit homes, offices and hospitals by request. We also offer virtual appointments.

Our office is in Irvine and we serve clients in Southern California.