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Marine died in motorcycle accident after stopping to help

California highways can be dangerous for motorcyclists, including the many soldiers, sailors and Marines who ride regularly in the state. At least three members of the military lost their lives in motorcycle collisions in Southern California in the last two months.

Servicemen and -women are mourning the loss of one of their own who became a hero for his role in saving the life of another accident victim. A Jamaican-born U.S. Marine died of his injuries after a motorcycle accident in the San Diego area in November. The accident occurred less than two months after the man risked his own life to save a woman from a burning car.

Ferry crash shakes up California pier and injures 2

Southern California is no pedestrian's paradise beyond the beaches, but there are many alternatives to driving. Millions of Californians rely on buses, trains and boats to get them to work or errands and back every day. Professional drivers and strict rules around mass transit keep these people safe as they thumb through their smartphones or books.

It is rare that people traveling by mass transit experience an injury during their journey, but it can be more than a simple inconvenience when it happens. A ferry with 53 passengers on board from Larkspur to San Francisco's Embarcadero caused a scare and two injuries when it struck a dock near the terminal in the early afternoon of a recent Friday.

Chain reaction accident causes four injuries in El Dorado County

Check your rearview mirror. Look both ways. Count to five before you pass a stop sign. These bits of common sense are part of a driver's everyday adventure through California. But even the most cautious driver may be injured or experience trauma at the hands of others on the road.

A chain-reaction accident involving a tractor-trailer put a 30-year-old woman and her three children in the hospital after her sports utility vehicle was hit. The crash occurred in Placerville in El Dorado County, where the 67-year-old trucker was headed northbound on a local road near an elementary school when he collided with another car and lost control of his semi.

What do I do after a car accident in California?

If you've just had an accident, everything feels a little sideways. Lights are flashing, smoke is rising and the ring of steel on steel or broken glass can linger in your ears. It can be a fragile time, when emotions are running high at the same point that actions matter the most.

What should be my first move after an accident?

Southern California is dangerous for motorcycles

It's easy to forget that cars, trucks and buses share the road with motorcycles. In fact, that attitude is often the problem behind troubles for bikers. Many drivers do not know how to properly watch out for motorcycles, and the smaller, fast-moving vehicles are more difficult to see during a classic California sunset or fog.

Drivers in the Golden State may be disappointed, although perhaps not surprised, that Southern California has one of the nation's highest fatality rates among motorcycle drivers and passengers. This is disturbing -- on top of the general dangers to bikers that make death in an accident 28 times more likely on a motorcycle than in a car.

When is a biting dog considered dangerous?

People may have heard that once a dog bites someone, it is likely to bite again. The truth is that there are different levels of biting dog behavior, according to the official scale adopted by The Association of Professional Dog Trainers. In some cases, a professional trainer can train or rehabilitate a dog that has bitten someone. In others, the owner may need to consider euthanizing the dog.

These are the six levels of dog bites:

  1. The dog is aggressive or obnoxious and may snap, but its teeth do not come in contact with skin.
  2. The dog's teeth touch the skin and may cause a little bleeding if there is a scrape, but there are no puncture wounds, or they are no deeper than one-tenth of an inch.
  3. One or more of the dog's canine teeth puncture the skin, but the wounds are shallow: half or less the length of the teeth.
  4. One or more canine teeth puncture the skin, and at least one of the wounds is deeper than half the length of the teeth. The victim could also suffer extensive bruising as a result of the dog bearing down while biting. The dog may cause lacerations by shaking its head as it bears down.
  5. The dog bites the victim more than once, and two or more of the bites are level four or greater, or the dog has attacked more than one victim with at least one level four bite in each incident.
  6. The dog kills the victim.

San Fernando Valley bus crash injures at least 25

Thousands of Californians, mainly in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas, use mass transit to avoid dealing with traffic on their own. It's often more appealing to spend a commute reading a book or browsing through social media posts instead of fighting traffic. Accidents are also generally less common for buses and trains.

However, when accidents involving buses and trains do happen, they can injure many people at once.

Recent truck crash may have been part of a pattern

Accidents happen all the time in southern California. Most long-time veterans of freeway driving can recount an upside-down car after a collision or a truck laid low on the side of the road. Most motor vehicle crashes are minor events that are easily solved with insurance agents, but occasional accidents can cost thousands of dollars or even lives.

If an accident causes a serious injury or death, the first question is often "who is responsible?" This can be a legal matter, as the parties who caused an accident may be liable for financial damages to come as close to making things right as the law allows. Occasionally, the responsible party is not the first apparent one.

Fresno accident blamed on drunk driving

It's hard to have a full life in most of California without a car. There are drawbacks to motor vehicle ownership, such as traffic jams and maintenance costs, but nothing beats the freedom and reliability of your own car or truck. Just like other freedoms, though, car ownership can come with a price.

The greatest danger to drivers and passengers, as well as many mass transit users, is a collision that could cause serious injury and damage on top of delays and the headaches of repair. Out of the many types of car accidents, those involving drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol are the scariest and most likely to cause unrecoverable damage.

Motorcycle driver killed after car's unsafe left turn

California has the highest population of citizens in the United States, as well as the largest number of bikers. Motorcycles are a great way to see the Golden State or use them as a workhorse for commuting and errands. Anyone who has lost hours in a freeway traffic jam has fantasized about using two wheels instead of four.

Bikers are at higher risk in the case of traffic collisions, as motorcycles offer no protection to their riders and are also harder to see during a famous California sunset. Careless or distracted drivers may be liable for an accident if they cannot stop for a motorcycle until it is too late.

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