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Los Angeles approves settlement with motorcycle crash victim

Motorcycling in California comes with many advantages, like the ability to experience the Golden State in all its splendor and occasionally split lanes on a crowded freeway. There are also plenty of risks, and many of them are the same as the advantages. Most motorcycle accidents are just that, but many accidents may have been caused by more than just bad luck.

A 26-year-old motorcyclist was seriously injured in San Pedro when he crashed on the surface of the road on which he was riding. This happened after he drove over several holes in the surface, which his attorney said were caused by city employees using survey equipment in the area.

Scooters pose legal question in California mass transit law

Mass transit keeps many people on their way to work or home and makes California traffic more bearable. It is difficult to imagine how bad it would be if more people had to drive in the Los Angeles area. And it is difficult to imagine how dangerous it could be to pedestrians and drivers alike if mass transit operators were not highly trained and certified to do their work.

One of the reasons mass transit works is because the liability is clear if something goes wrong. In the few cases that the fault in a collision or other type of accident cannot be determined, a civil court can help resolve the issue. But the liability often comes down to who failed to do their duty to others on the road.

California truck driver faces charges over traffic death

Many products we take for granted would be scarce or at least far more expensive without fleets of trucks that handle most of California's shipping needs. Tractor trailers have high volume and low maneuverability when compared to cars and other passenger vehicles. This is why so much more training is involved in getting a commercial driver's license and job.

When trucks are involved in accidents, the possibility for catastrophic damage and injury is far higher than other accidents. Although many crashes are ruled accidents, victims of truck collisions often feel the need to seek financial compensation for the troubles caused by the incident.

Driver killed as rain falls on interstate in Riverside County

Winter is here, and California is seeing more rain. Although precipitation can be a welcome relief on the parched coasts and plains, water on the road surface and fog above it can also cause serious problems for drivers.

A driver was struck outside his vehicle on the I-10 freeway in Cabazon recently. His car had left the road briefly and struck a retaining wall in foul weather conditions, and he had gotten out to check his car before attempting to leave while the car was in one of the four westbound traffic lanes.

What to do after being hit by an uninsured driver

The most important thing to remember in the event of an accident is to stay calm. You may not know how to proceed after a collision, particularly one involving an uninsured motorist.

Here are some basic steps to take immediately after an accident. The first step should always be to make sure everyone is safe and uninjured. It is also a good idea to contact the police to create a record of the incident. You also need to determine whether the other motorist has insurance.

California motorcyclist killed before driver fled the scene

From lane-splitting on the freeway to hugging curves on the Pacific Coast Highway, motorcycling carries its risks in California. Bikes are harder to see than conventional vehicles, and they offer almost no protection to riders in the case of a collision. Experienced bikers know how to protect themselves, but sometimes that is not enough.

Motorcyclists and bicyclists rely on drivers of cars and trucks to help them stay safe, and drivers have a legal obligation to assist victims and investigators in the case of a crash. Drivers who may have caused a collision through reckless or negligent driving may have stiffer criminal penalties if they abandon or attempt to leave the scene of an accident.

Bus driver may have been drunk before Los Alamos crash

Millions of Californians rely on public transit to get to work or home or run required errands. Many of the large coastal cities that are less than pedestrian-friendly are especially dependent on trains, buses and ferries. In turn, these riders rely on smart, professional and dedicated drivers and operators to keep them safe and moving.

The California Highway Patrol arrested a 50-year-old bus driver from Goleta on suspicion that she was working under the influence of a controlled substance. The arrest occurred after the bus she was driving left the surface of Highway 101 in Los Alamos before descending a slope and coming to rest on its side after striking a tree.

Truck driver suspected of DUI after Fresno collision

Trucks of all sizes bring important goods and materials to California. The booming construction industry in the Golden State would practically come to a halt without semitrucks. But the same advantages of large commercial vehicles may become problems if the trucker is involved in a high-speed collision with a much smaller passenger vehicle.

Distracted driving due to motorists use of cellphones or other electronic devices is a major risk factor for accidents on California roads. Although it is completely illegal, driving under the infleunce of drugs or alcohol is one of the most dangerous risks that a driver can take for himself and the other who share the roads.

Is winter dangerous for California drivers?

The winter months are upon us in the United States, and many people are looking forward to snow days that will keep them wrapped up warm at home. In California, staying dry is a bigger concern than staying warm, although there can be just as many winter car accidents on the coast as in the Midwest.

Is winter dangerous for drivers in California?

Do you need to sue a friend if the dog bites you?

When you hear about dogs attacking people, it is usually a random dog that got loose or a stray. One California jogger experienced this firsthand when a dog attacked her. She attempted to defend herself with pepper spray, but this actually led to the dog's human owner attacking and biting the jogger. 

You may not have a problem calling animal control when you do not personally know the dog's owner. Unfortunately, many people suffer dog bites from a friend's pooch. You want compensation for your injuries, but you do not want to risk the friendship and potentially get the dog put down. 

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