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What Can You Recover After A Catastrophic Injury?

The goal of any personal injury claimant is to be compensated for physical and mental damage, as well as the ways in which an injury will continue to impact your life. In the case of a catastrophic injury with even higher bills and longer recovery times, it is even more important to find an experienced lawyer to maximize your outcome.

You can obtain compensation for many aftereffects of an injury, including:

  • Present and future medical costs
  • Lost wages and earning capacity
  • Cost of service for tasks you cannot do
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Deformities/permanent damages

We Help You Face The Future

Many catastrophic injuries are caused by accidents on the road but they can happen in other situations. The most common catastrophic injuries people suffer include:

All require enormous amounts of treatment and long-term adjustment. They often result in a complete change of lifestyle. At the Advocate Law Firm Professional Law Corporation, we take charge of all your legal and financial worries so that you can focus on healing. We work tirelessly for our clients to obtain the compensation they need to move forward.

Put A Skilled Attorney On Your Side

We help our clients find cost-efficient medical options. To schedule a free consultation, please email us or call 1-866-341-3575. We can visit homes, offices and hospitals for appointments. We also offer virtual appointments.

We are located in Irvine and help clients from Southern California.