A Long Beach woman is struck, killed in a T-bone accident

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A 20-year-old Long Beach resident lost her life in a two-car crash nearby the intersection of Spring Street and Long Beach Boulevard on Monday, Jan. 19. The fatal car crash occurred just before 10:33 p.m.

When police officers arrived at the crash scene, they encountered both a Ford Mustang and a Honda Civic that had apparently collided with one another.

In speaking with witnesses to the crash, the officers were told that the 21-year-old driver of the of the 2000 Mustang had reportedly been driving as fast as 60 miles per hour just moments before it occurred. Soon thereafter, the Mustang T-boned the 2015 Honda. That Civic’s driver was apparently in the process of making a left turn onto Spring Street from Long Beach Boulevard at the time.

It appears that the impact of the crash immediately resulted in the death of the female passenger of the T-boned Honda Civic. Her male companion, who’d been driving the vehicle at the time, was also transported to an area hospital. He was reportedly listed as being in critical condition.

All three of the Mustang’s occupants were also transported an area hospital. Their injuries have been described as nonlife-threatening ones, though.

A spokesperson with the Long Beach Police Department has said that they’ve yet to rule out either drugs or alcohol intoxication as having played a role in causing the crash. Therefore, it’s not clear whether the 21-year-old Compton resident, who was driving the Mustang at the time, will face any criminal charges associated with the accident.

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