The color of your car could make an accident more likely

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2018 | car accidents |

Have you ever heard someone tell a motorcycle rider or a cyclist to wear bright clothes or a reflective jacket? Wearing something that stands out makes it easier for other drivers to see these small vehicles on the road.

The same basic principle may apply to your car. The color you choose may make it more likely that you get in an accident.

For example, one study claimed that a white car was 10 percent less likely to get involved in a wreck during the day than a blue, black, green, or silver car. Interestingly, white cars were even more visible than red vehicles. The lower-visibility paint helped cars blend in with the highway or the background, while white made them stand out.

That does not mean that the drivers of the dark-colored cars were at fault. For instance, a driver turning left may never see a gray sedan on a black highway and turn in front of it. That crash is still the fault of the turning car, but the reason it happened is partially that the gray car was less visible. Would a white vehicle get hit in the same situation?

It is worth noting that some experts have disputed these findings. They do not deny that color plays a role, but they think that the 10 percent difference in accident odds is a bit too high. Still, it is something to think about the next time you buy a car, if safety is your main goal.

Those who do get involved in serious accidents need to know all of their legal options to seek out financial compensation.