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Ferry crash shakes up California pier and injures 2

Southern California is no pedestrian's paradise beyond the beaches, but there are many alternatives to driving. Millions of Californians rely on buses, trains and boats to get them to work or errands and back every day. Professional drivers and strict rules around mass transit keep these people safe as they thumb through their smartphones or books.

Chain reaction accident causes four injuries in El Dorado County

Check your rearview mirror. Look both ways. Count to five before you pass a stop sign. These bits of common sense are part of a driver's everyday adventure through California. But even the most cautious driver may be injured or experience trauma at the hands of others on the road.

What do I do after a car accident in California?

If you've just had an accident, everything feels a little sideways. Lights are flashing, smoke is rising and the ring of steel on steel or broken glass can linger in your ears. It can be a fragile time, when emotions are running high at the same point that actions matter the most.

Southern California is dangerous for motorcycles

It's easy to forget that cars, trucks and buses share the road with motorcycles. In fact, that attitude is often the problem behind troubles for bikers. Many drivers do not know how to properly watch out for motorcycles, and the smaller, fast-moving vehicles are more difficult to see during a classic California sunset or fog.

When is a biting dog considered dangerous?

People may have heard that once a dog bites someone, it is likely to bite again. The truth is that there are different levels of biting dog behavior, according to the official scale adopted by The Association of Professional Dog Trainers. In some cases, a professional trainer can train or rehabilitate a dog that has bitten someone. In others, the owner may need to consider euthanizing the dog.

San Fernando Valley bus crash injures at least 25

Thousands of Californians, mainly in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas, use mass transit to avoid dealing with traffic on their own. It's often more appealing to spend a commute reading a book or browsing through social media posts instead of fighting traffic. Accidents are also generally less common for buses and trains.

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