Marine died in motorcycle accident after stopping to help

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California highways can be dangerous for motorcyclists, including the many soldiers, sailors and Marines who ride regularly in the state. At least three members of the military lost their lives in motorcycle collisions in Southern California in the last two months.

Servicemen and -women are mourning the loss of one of their own who became a hero for his role in saving the life of another accident victim. A Jamaican-born U.S. Marine died of his injuries after a motorcycle accident in the San Diego area in November. The accident occurred less than two months after the man risked his own life to save a woman from a burning car.

In September, the sergeant was on his way to work in San Diego when he jumped off his motorcycle to render aid at the scene of an earlier accident. He broke the car’s window to pull the driver out after she suffered a concussion and other injuries. “We’re here to serve the people,” the Marine said at the time. “Not just during war time, but all the time.”

A week later, the man stopped his bike at a motorcycle accident and began resuscitation efforts on the victim while emergency services were en route. Sadly, no one was able to intervene on his behalf when he got into a collision in November.

Family and friends shared memories of the Marine and his many benevolent and brave feats at his funeral service in Bridgeport. He was buried with full military honors.

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