Truck crash injures 5 diners in Hayward restaurant

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2018 | truck accidents |

Accidents are an unfortunate fixture of driving life in California. There are so many types of vehicles on the road that minor fender-benders are often unavoidable. But one place people never expect to experience a car accident is while they are sitting down to a meal.

Five people were injured in a Hayward restaurant when a truck caused a chaotic scene by crashing through the window of the establishment. The incident happened during a Sunday lunch hour after the truck collided with a sport utility vehicle while it was making a turn. The driver lost control and hit the restaurant.

The injuries were not believed to be life-threatening, according to emergency service responders. The cause of the collision is under investigation while the victims recover. No criminal charges have been filed against either driver regarding the accident, and there is as yet no information on the actions of the victims regarding the accident.

Victims of truck accidents and other motor vehicle collisions have the right to seek a judgment in civil court from a driver was at fault. This is important if a person feels the need to claim financial damages, including reimbursements for medical expenses related to the collision and compensation for emotional distress, lost income and more damages incurred during recovery.

An attorney is an invaluable ally for people and families getting over a motor vehicle accident that was another driver’s fault. A negotiated settlement or jury verdict in civil court can improve a crash victim’s fortunes and guarantee the fastest type of recovery from injuries, damage and loss.