What is the one time drivers should use their phones?

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2021 | car accidents |

Campaigns by the police and road safety groups tell drivers not to use their phones. They highlight the dangers that a phone can bring to anyone in charge of a vehicle.

While using your phone while driving is a terrible idea, using it in the aftermath is an excellent one. Modern phones come with a wealth of technology that can help your claim.

You need to ring the police if you crash

 You need to notify the police if you are in a vehicle crash where someone is injured or dies. It may also be required if the only damage is to the vehicle. Each state has rules about what value of property damage makes calling the police obligatory.

Here are some other things you can use your phone for if you crash:

  • To take pictures: Photos of the scene can capture details that the cops might miss if people move vehicles before they arrive.
  • To collect your thoughts: Collisions can cause shock, and you may not remember things later. Speaking into the voice recorder on your phone can help you keep track. Alternatively, you can add written notes.
  • To record witnesses: When a crash happens, several people may say it was the other driver’s fault. Yet, if they disappear before the police take their details, you lose the opportunity to have them act as witnesses. Use your phone to note down their name and number, or, with their permission, to record what they say they saw.
  • To record what the other driver says: At-fault drivers often tell you more than they should straight after a crash. If you capture them apologizing that they were only on the phone for two seconds and did not see you, it makes holding them responsible simpler.

Getting adequate compensation when injured in a car crash can be challenging. Having your phone handy can be a big help.