Motorcyclists: watch for drivers turning left

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2022 | motorcycle accidents |

Motorcyclists are often focused on being defensive drivers or trying to anticipate the mistakes made by others around them. This is a good mindset for a motorcyclist, considering the fact that they face significantly more danger if there is a wreck.

One thing that motorcyclists should do is to keep an eye on drivers who are waiting to turn left. They may appear to be harmless, their vehicles not even moving, but they may be one of the biggest threats that you face on the road.

When is that driver going to turn?

The problem is simply that a driver ahead of you who is waiting to turn left is going to cross through your traffic lane. This is fine if you’re far enough away that they can cross before you arrive or if they wait and yield the right of way to you before turning.

But what often happens is that drivers aren’t looking for motorcycles or fail to see them in the distance. It could be that the bike is hidden behind another vehicle or that the color of the bike makes it blend into the road. Either way, the other driver thinks that the road is clear and they make that turn right in front of the motorcycle. In many cases, these drivers will be shocked when they get hit by the bike, not even knowing it’s there until they’ve already caused an accident.

But, shocked or otherwise, that driver that failed to yield the right of way did cause the crash and is responsible. Therefore, anyone who was injured in the accident needs to know what steps they can take to seek financial compensation