What causes semitruck crashes?

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2023 | truck accidents |

Semitrucks help to move goods around the country, but they’re large and heavy vehicles that pose a risk to others on the road. While it’s easy to assume that unsafe driving on the trucker’s part is always the reason for crashes, that’s not the case. 

Many factors can contribute to semitruck crashes. Understanding a few of these might be beneficial because that knowledge may help drivers avoid these situations. Some of these include:

Truckers’ actions

Truckers who are driving while they’re impaired, fatigued or distracted can cause crashes. In some cases, this is because of the trucking company policies that encourage them to try to make deliveries based on largely unrealistic times. The Hours of Service regulations set by the government limit how long truckers can drive per shift. This should help to reduce the number of fatigued driving crashes that occur. 

Improper procedures

Proper procedures must be followed when working on the semitruck. This includes during maintenance and loading. Improper load securement can lead to serious issues if the cargo comes loose from the truck or shifts around to the point the trucker loses control of the vehicle. 

Other drivers

Other drivers can sometimes cause semitruck crashes. This occurs when they cut off the trucker or when they drive in the “no zone” around the truck. All drivers must respect the needs of these large vehicles. 

Victims of semitruck crashes should get immediate medical care. Once the cause of the crash is determined, the victim can move forward with seeking compensation from the liable parties. The time to do this is limited by California law, so act swiftly.