6 causes of pedestrian accidents

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Traveling by foot has been a common practice, and its popularity keeps growing due to its health benefits. Unfortunately, some pedestrians get involved in accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Administration Safety, 6,516 pedestrians died in accidents in 2020, and about 55,000 suffered injuries nationwide.

Different factors might have contributed to these accidents. This guide discusses six possible ones.

1. Distracted driving

A driver who is distracted, perhaps talking on the phone, texting, eating or looking away from the road, may hit a pedestrian at a crosswalk. Further, they may swerve into the sidewalk and cause an accident.

2. Drunk driving

Drivers under the influence of alcohol or other drugs have impaired judgment and poor coordination. Thus, they may fail to notice a pedestrian at a crosswalk or see them when it’s late.

3. Speeding

Drivers should observe speed limits and pay attention around crosswalks, streets, school zones and neighborhoods. Speeding puts pedestrians in danger.

4. Impatience

Passing a vehicle that has stopped at a crosswalk increases the chances of an accident happening.

5. Poor visibility

Some pedestrian accidents occur in conditions with poor visibility, such as at night or in bad weather. Drivers should be extra cautious in such situations. Pedestrians walking at night should also consider carrying a flashlight and wearing brighter clothes or reflectors to be visible.

6. Left turns

Many pedestrians are hit by vehicles making left turns at intersections or crosswalks. In fact, they are one of the most common sites of any kind of traffic accident because drivers need to look in several different directions.

If you are injured while walking, consider your options to get compensation.